Easter 2017

Easter was a blast this year. We almost always stay home for Easter, opting for a low-key weekend at home instead of traveling 12 hours back home to celebrate with extended family. My SIL moved here this year, so she joined us for an afternoon of egg hunts and bubble blowing.

The morning started off with Easter baskets filled with candy and fun toys for the kiddos. I decided that if the kids got to have fun Easter treats, so did Neil and I, so I filled our baskets with treats too. We made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and dressed in our Easter best and headed out to celebrate at church.

Afterward, we headed home for some traditional Polish food. Borscht soup, pierogi and polish sausage were on the menu. The soup is traditional to Neil’s family, so since my sister-in-law joined us this year, we decided to embrace tradition and go for it. Turns out, we had a great recipe to follow (thanks to my sweet MIL) and lunch was a hit.

Evelyn had a blast doing egg wars (where two people tap the end of their eggs together until one cracks…) with us before we dug in. She loves all of the special moments that holidays bring, and it’s so fun to see her grow up.

During nap, we hid some eggs for Evie and Brennan to hunt after they woke up, but I can’t say that was the hit of the day. It was gorgeous outside, so we decided to move the party to the patio and spent the rest of the day running in the sunlight, blowing bubbles and swinging.

It was one of those days that I didn’t want to end, with such sweet memories being made with family.