A Grand Getaway

A few weekends ago, we packed up the kids and headed north to Brainerd, MN for a weekend getaway.


A few weeks prior to our trip, I got the itch to just get away. I texted Neil in the middle of the day, asking if he minded if I booked a little weekend somewhere warm. It was springtime in MN, but just so darn cold and rainy that I just couldn’t take anymore. Our FL getaway turned into a weekend up north once we actually sat down and though about all the crap we’d have to fly with 🙂 – so we ditched the original idea and found a great last minute deal at our favorite little resort up north.

We headed out Friday during naps in hopes for a quiet drive and struck toddler gold with two two-hour naps. Neil and I spent time quietly chatting and catching up on life while Evie and Brennan snoozed in the backseat. Once the kids were awake, we stopped at a local grocery store and picked up some necessities for the weekend. Because we had a cabin with a full kitchen, we decided to make some meals there to save some money – so we grabbed oatmeal and the fixings for sandwiches.

I felt an immediate sense of calm when we pulled through into the lodge. I knew it was going to be just what the doctor ordered – time with Neil and the kids, away from the hustle and bustle of home. We checked in and grabbed keys to our cabin. Once we were settled in, we decided to take the short walk to the lodge and see what our options were for dinner. We settled on the pub inside the lodge then took advantage of the option to roast s’mores after dinner. Evelyn and I loved the s’mores (Neil and Brennan dislike chocolate, so they passed) and it was fun to watch the kids run wild on the front lawn.

Once we were all tired and full, we headed back to the cabin and Evelyn and Brennan headed to bed. We were lucky enough to nab a 3-bedroom cabin, so there was more than enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably in their own space. While I wrapped up bedtime, Neil headed outside and built a fire in the pit in the cabin’s yard. It was great to open a beer (spiked root beer for me) and just talk. It was quiet and warm, and we stayed outside until it got too chilly, then we headed in and played pool until it was time to call it a night.

We were all up bright and early on Saturday because babies don’t sleep in.. so we made breakfast and hung out until the pool opened. We realized that Brennan is all too happy to open and slam cabinet doors when they aren’t locked shut. He is now disappointed in his mom and dad because we baby-proof. After awhile, we headed to the pool, where we spent most of the morning, splashing around and taking countless trips down the slide.

Once we’d exhausted the littles, we headed back to the cabin for lunch and nap time. Neil seemed really relaxed and decided to take a nap too, so I called the spa to see if I could get a last minute facial appointment. I lucked out, so I headed out while everyone napped. It was so nice and I left feeling happy and laid back.

Once everyone was up, we headed out on a family walk to explore the grounds, then packed up and headed down the road to a fun little pizza joint. We ended up sitting outside on the patio next to a TV and watched the Kentucky Derby while we ate. After dinner, we found ourselves back on the front lawn at the lodge, playing with the yard games and just enjoying the weather. One of the guys working at the lodge said that they had 4 inches of snow earlier in the week, so we felt incredibly lucky to have gotten such a beautiful weekend away. After bedtime, Neil and I parked it in front of the fire pit for the second night in a row and talked until it was well past our bedtime.

Sunday morning we headed back to the lodge one more time for breakfast, then hopped back into our swimsuits for another morning of fun at the pool. After a few hours, we decided it was time for lunch, then we packed up and headed back home, and to our pooch.

While it was so nice to get away, it was so nice to come home to our cozy home with our sweet pup. A weekend for the books, that is for sure.