Weekend Recap

Hi! This past weekend was one of the best weekends we’ve had this year, weather-wise, so we tried to spend as much time outside as possible.

Friday started off busy – daycare for the littles and work for me. Any day that starts with kids happy to see their teachers and no tears for mom is a great day!

We had new shutters being installed on our house in the afternoon, so luckily I work at home on Fridays and was there to greet the guy who came to help install them. After we wrapped up daycare and work for the day, we headed out to the backyard to play with all the neighbor kiddies. It makes me laugh every year at how different  night Neil and I had plans to head over to a friend’s parent’s house to celebrate her dad’s birthday, so we invited Aunt Bre over to come hang out with the littles while we were out.

She came over about an hour before bedtime, so Evie and Brennan took full advantage and climbed all over her. She painted Evelyn’s toenails while Brennan practiced his dumping and loading skills by pulling out each nail polish then pulling then all back in. Repeat about 15 times, and he is a happy boy.

Saturday morning started off slow and in our pajamas, just how I like it. Give me hot coffee, a kid in my lap, and a book to read and I’m a happy girl. After a nice lazy morning, Evelyn and I headed to Target for a quick trip for groceries while Neil hung out and Brennan napped.

Let’s not discuss the forehead wrinkles, mmmkk?

After B was up and refreshed, we packed up some sandwiches and snacks and headed out to one of our favorite parks to burn off some energy.

Saturday evening found us back in the backyard for some fun in the sandbox and running around with the neighborhood kids. We made some quick mac and cheese, ground turkey and veggies for the kids to eat before bath and bed, and then I made burgers with kale chips once they were asleep for Neil and I. We rented Collateral Beauty and curled up on the couch for the night. And for the record – Collateral Beauty is a pretty good movie. I think both Neil and myself teared up a little at the end.

Sunday ended up being another beautiful day with lots of sunshine. Brennan had a low-grade fever, so even though he was acting normal, we decided that he would hang at home with Neil while I took Evie to church.

After some morning playtime and shenanigans, the boys had some QT and went on a long walk with Sasha, our pup, Evie and I got some girl time together. She told me all about the cars driving by and how we needed to make sure we wait for our turn and share the road during our drive to church, which made me laugh the whole way. She loves to sing at church, so we settled into the pew for a few songs before she made her way to the children’s class and I enjoyed some solo time listening to the message and reflection.

After church and lunch, I headed to the gym while Neil did some yard work and the kids took naps. Neil and I celebrated dual nap-times with a high five on my way out of the house. When I got home, Evelyn and Neil took off for her swim class, while I hung out with this little buddy. We spent some time exploring the house and checking out really exciting things like sinks and his sister’s toys.

After everyone was home, we tossed some chicken on the grill and roasted some broccoli to round out a great weekend outside, and let the kids play until it was time for them to head to bed. After everyone was snuggled up in their beds, Neil and I collapsed on the couch and spent the evening talking about house dreams and renovations. Sigh. Now to just win the lottery!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!